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What is FLY?

FLY is a game cryptocurrency in Flyff for GameXCoin.
Play Flyff, earn FLY and increase your asset of GameXCoin.

About FLY Coin

Total Issued
8,000,000,000 FLY
142,391,901 FLY
Exchange Price
1 FLY = 0.15 GXC*
Reserve Price
1 FLY = 0.15 GXC**
* The recent market price of FLY** The exchange price at the reserve
FLY Ranking
How to earn FLY
The story of Madrigal
Heroic Deed
Proof of Courage
Trade with other users
The story of Madrigal
There were once 5 beings of limitless power that, struck by a strange mood, decided to create a world full of magic and inexhaustible energy. They met and laid the foundations that would define the world they were to build.
How to use FLY
Purchase Rare Items
Exchange with other game users
Exchange with GXC
Purchase Rare Items
When you face too powerful enemies, visit FLY SHOP to purchase rare items.